It is said that the crafty, smart, and witty caribou long remembers the sound of even a faintly snapped twig that is quickly forgotten by the hunter. Weather it is for bravery, brilliance, or breath-taking survival abilities, the caribou is gifted with survival instincts meant to elude the hunter. And there is more, running is the first survival instincts for caribou, but when dead is lurking closely behind with no second chance in sight, it can charge towards you with a deadly intent. It’s that thrill of fearsome danger revved up by survival instincts that makes you feel like you are hunting an equally gifted prey. Ready, here is what you need to know before going out to hunt not only caribou, but also moose and deer.

1. You need a guide or hunt in a group

Whether your hunting is inspired by that once-in-a lifetime hunting trophy or introducing friends to the wild, it’s always recommended to hunt with an experience guide. Caribou hunting in the vast, open, rough, and cold rolling tundra is an experience that you won’t want to miss, better yet with a guide who understands the terrains well. The wild remains untamed with grizzly bear, wolves, musk ox, sheep, and wolverine crossing your path being a high possibility as you hunt caribou. The good thing is that an experienced guide will help you beat all these odds. As if that is not enough, a guide will help you track caribou, moose, and deer as you enjoy the unique tundra sceneries such as staggering awe-striking landscapes, as well as rivers with spectacular arctic char and grayling feeding world class waterfalls and canyons. It’s simply astonishing, isn’t it?

2. Hunting accessories

The heart, the mind and the habitat of a caribou, moose and deer is definitely in the wild Alaska or the cold artic regions. Such conditions are harsh and they demand adequate preparation, keeping in mind that you are stepping out for a hunt. To start with, you may need to get a sleeping bag, pad, and definitely a backpack if you are planning a sleepover hunt. You also need the best of hip boost, and camp shoes for crossing the rough terrains. On top of that you should also pack clothing that are fit for the cold Alaska with temperatures ranging from negative 20 to 7o degrees. Other valuable apparel include hunting headwear, socks, pants, insects proof, as well as rain wear.

You also need to organize for transport preferably with a hunting firm that provides flight transport and bush pilots when you are going out for caribou hunting. Besides, your baggage should include guns as well as ammunition, binoculars and rifle optics, GPS and radios, and flashlights and headlamp.

3. Handling your hunt as per the regulations

If lucks comes your way and you successfully hunt down a caribou, before you take that meat or that trophy to be envied by friends and the standing ovations, you should do it as per the law and regulations governing Big Game Hunting. You need to have obtained a licence for big game hunting in order to transport your meat away or keep your trophies. It is also a requirement to use metal tags issued together with your Big Game licence when transporting your game.


Hunting caribou, deer, and moose is exclusively exhilarating and fun filled experience that will linger in your mind for years to come. It’s the magical untamed wild Alaska, the caribou hunting paradise that will cast a spell on you, certainly hooked for life.